Thoughts on Columbine & Virginia Tech

Recently, it was again brought to light the possible ramifications of bully actions. As a graduate of Virginia Tech, I followed the recent killings that happened there closely. In both the Columbine situation and the Virginia Tech situation it was brought up that these people who did the killings may have been picked on and bullied.

I can certainly sympathise with the alienation that comes with bullying, but I’m not sure that I can understand how bullying can lead to these actions, without some sort of mental illness issue also coming to light. I can certainly see how the actions of bullying could push someone to take an agressive self-defense action (more on that later), but massive killings and pathos seem like a deeper issue.

What do you think? Could bullying actually lead a non-violent person to take a very extreme violent action? I’m interested in your thoughts.

Link to VA Tech Bully Article

Link to Columbine Bully Article

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