Bullying Stories Website Goes Social


There is no doubt now that the issue of bullying is front page news. It seems that more people are joining the cause to help solve the epidemic bullying problems that plague us.

As part of extending the ability for communication on the subject, I have created a Facebook Group to be a companion web tool for this website. The Facebook group site will allow us to have creative communication and also allow for you to get items posted on this site also linked through Facebook.

You can join the group if you would like to join in the conversation and receive information by going to:


It is an open group to anyone that would like to continue the conversation through social networking. This is an interesting time to be on the forefront of the subject of stopping bullying. We are lucky to live in a day and age when we can use modern communication tools such as Facebook and the web to do good. I look forward to continuing the dialog and develop solutions on Facebook.

One thought on “Bullying Stories Website Goes Social

  1. I was bullied from grade school to high school. There were so many ways I tried to make friends but had none. Everyone made fun of me even a group of nerds. As an adult, I push everyone away and only have a small group of friends. I was even bullied by my own family members in which to this day I do not talk to them. i forgave people to move on but the emotional scars are still there. As I write this I do shed some tears because it has left a major mark in my life. No one wanted to get to know me and some even refused to sit with me at a lunch table. I did not eat lunch because it as so stressful to even find a place to sit. I remember sitting down at a table, people saw me and moved, and called me vulgar names. I remember the last day of Junior High School in my Spanish class that a group of kids who always made fun of me gathered around me and told me things no human being should be told. They told me I should kill myself because I had no social life at this school. Another told me I was garbage and everyone hates me. Another person told me I can not stand you and he told me I smelled, I was ugly, no one will want me in their social circle in high school, and never come back to their school. I held a wall up, did not ride the bus, walked home, crying with tears on why people hated me, and held a grudge for the rest of my life. Even 7th grade PE was just as bad. I would hurt myself purposely so I can stay out of physical activity because I was not good at sports. I had such a low self esteem that carried throughout that year because I wanted to fit in so badly but my sexuality was evident that I liked men. I would allow these boys to pick on me so I can get through this one period of hell so I can go home. I wished for that entire year to go by quickly because everything I did was wrong for everyone. One embarassing event that happenned to me was that I was getting dressed in my normal clothes and a group of boys pushed me, banged my head into the locker, then shoved my face into the someones tucus and he had past gas in my face. Everyone laughed, even my own brother as well. We are now distant because of all the things he has done to me as well. I have forgotten their names as I do forgive them. I do not dwell on it and had moved on. If anyone reads this your not alone.

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